Well the weather was pretty good here today, a nice smiley-face sun and a few clouds here and there to keep it companey. But I didn't get out in it much. I was researching this newfangled BLOG thing for a client and after a couple of rye and gingers even all of a sudden it started lookin' a lot more interesting.

My idea of technology is a .38 Smith and Wesson fully loaded and a good refrigerator to keep my ice in. I sometimes get around to reading the newspaper if I'm really bored or to make sure the police left my name out of the last stuff I got into.

What's getting me right now is I haven't heard from XXXXX, my girl. I'm beginning to wonder if she's gone off to Bali or somewhere I haven't heard from her in so many days.

For now I think I'll just get this thing wrapped up in the night. I probably made a few goofs here and there in all of this. I usually do. But for now I'd say I made a good start. And that's a pretty good thing to make. Better than a bad start, anyways….