Explaining Illuminating Angels and Demons
by Brandon Peters

Avarice Press

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Brandon Peters' new book, Explaining Illuminating Angels and Demons is a
well written book devoted to bringing out the subtle details of Simon
Cox's Illuminating Angels and Demons, which devotes itself to the
various topics found in Dan Brown's Angels and Demons. The various
symbolisms of the ancient and hidden world of the Illuminati,
Freemasonry, and various other secret societies is here amplified
from Angels and Demons through Illuminating Angels and Demons and now
the current book to a level whose very incomprehensibility assures us
that the three authors have their facts straight and have done
legitimate historical research. The book follows the successful series
Unraveling the DaVinci Code and Further Unraveling the DaVinci Code and
What You Still Don't Know About the DaVinci Code.

Customer Reviews:

Celine D. — Toronto, Can. ****
— I read this book, and after reading it I realize that there's a
lot of stuff that I don't know.

Bill A. — Dallas, TX *****
— This is a good book. I always knew there was something strange about
those Mason guys, especially my next door neighbor.

Pete C. — Los Angels, CA **
— Trust me, wait for the movie.


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