I don't get out much to see movies anymore, for a couple of reasons that
I won't go into here. And when I'm home I don't see many movies either
seeing as I'm usually working on my case files.

But the other night I took a little break. I turned on the Sci-Fi
Channel, and they had this movie coming on called Mansquito (2005). This
should not be mistaken for the 1994 movie Mosquito, by the way.

Now the first thing I thought was that it had to be a terrible movie,
right? Well I decided to watch a little of the beginning of it and,
guess what, I kept on watching it all the way through. Mansquito turned
out to be a lot better than I would have thought. In fact, Mansquito is
a real winner!

Here's the set-up. A dangerous criminal volunteers to do some medical
research at a pharmaceutical company. They take him to the laboratory,
but he grabs a gun and escapes. They chase him, but he runs into other
areas of the building. Now it seems this pharmaceutical company has been
doing some research developing a device that will manipulate DNA, and
they've been using mosquitos as test subjects. So the escaped convict
runs into one of the DNA labs and the DNA manipulator thing is hit with
a bullet or something and all hell breaks loose and the convict is
turned into a giant mosquito. All of which seems to make perfect sense
if you're watchin' the movie.

So the man turned into a mosquito, the Mansquito if you will, escapes.
A detective is called in to investigate the case, seeing as Mansquito is
technically an escaped con and ended up killing a few people in the
lab. So the rest of the movie they try to track him down. The detective
soon finds out what he is dealing with. This movie doesn't make you wait
through half of it like some movies before you get to see the creature,
you see it from the very beginning and the detective knows what is going
on. That doesn't mean he has any luck stopping it of course, but he
at least knows what is going on. Which is a lot more than some
detectives know working certain cases.

Now there was a girl in the lab at the time too, and for reasons too
complicated to explain she is going to turn into a mosquito, a Miss-
quito if you will, but for more complicated reasons she is turning into
the mosquito at a much slower rate. The thing with the Missquito
provides a nice counterpoint to the Mansquito element.

Now the Mansquito has something that your ordinary giant fly doesn't have.
He has this sharp tube sticking out of his face which he uses to suck
the blood out of people. And suck he does, all over town. There's
nothing subtle about it. He just sticks the tube in their face or chest
and sucks all the blood out of them. He also has a propensity to tear
people limb-from-limb. All of which puts Mansquito VERY HIGH on the dead
body count rating and VERY HIGH on the quarts-of-blood and dismembered
body parts rating. Which is something that you just don't get with your
ordinary, genetically-mutated giant fly movie. And oh, for some reason
also too complicated to explain he is impervious to bullets, which has a
tendency to cause a few problems for the local law enforcement guys.

The special effects are very good, not cheesy-looking. Not to be missed
is the bit towards the end where the detective rides on the Mansquito's
back and keeps stickin' him with a Stun Gun. I won't say anything more as
I don't want to ruin it for you.

Probably no movie will ever top Vincent Price's original The Fly in its
dark campiness. Mansquito is much more of your contemporary things-go-
horribly-wrong-in-the-lab type Sci-fi action tale. But it does a very
good job with that, and is really worth a watch.

It's a winner!