Blanc doesn't carry a gun, preferring to work things out with criminals
through "non-violent communication." If you would give him a gun, he
would probably shoot himself in the ass with it.

Blanc wears a suit and tie when working his cases, except on "casual
Fridays" when he wears jeans, a polo-shirt and a light leather jacket.
He doesn't wear a hat, as it gives him a bad case of hat-hair.

Blanc doesn't date. What with HIV and other diseases, the problems
associated with condoms, and the whole pro-choice/pro-life thing, he
instead favors total celibacy. Instead, he channels his incredible
sexual energy into his hobby — amateur astronomy.

Blanc eschews the big SUVs and the way-cool Hummers as being anti-
environmental. Similarly, he doesn't drive an old jalopy that eats gas
and smokes like a Pittsburgh steel mill. Instead, he drives a nice,
white Toyota Prius combined fuel vehicle.

Blanc doesn't drink normally, but may have a glass of wine on his
birthday and on Christmas Eve.

Blanc does not smoke cigarettes, because they are bad for your health.
He does admit to trying a cigarette once in college, but says he "didn't
inhale." And it's true. He actually didn't.

Blanc works out in his home gym the minimum number of times per week it
takes to raise his cardiovascular rate to the recommended level for the
recommended period of time necessary to keep his body totally fit and
assure him of a long, happy, and fulfilling life.

Blanc also visits his doctor once a week to make sure he is not dying of
colon cancer, prostrate cancer, testicular cancer, brain cancer, kidney
disease, liver cancer, Parkinson's disease, Muscular Dystrophy, Lupus,
Leukemia, Multiple Sclerosis, Hodgkins, Diabetes, Altzheimer's, or the
current potentially-lethal strain of Influenza. He also uses three
Rubbermaid bath mats in his tub to prevent him from slipping in the
shower and breaking his neck. And the bathtub almost did get him once.
But as quick as the bathtub was, Bill was quicker.

Blanc packs a Blackberry PDA/cell Wi-Fi in the inner left pocket of his
jacket. He also carries a Nokia "back" in a small leather holster on the
rear of his belt.

Bill doesn't particularly like cops, as he says they are "never around
when you need one."

Blanc eschews such things as sleazy divorce cases in favor of the more
lucrative and exciting high-tech product-espionage cases, which are
his specialty.

When Blanc first started his private-eye business, he started a blog
devoted to the intricacies of product-espionage investigation. He
now has six entries on his blog, including a short poem and a photo
of himself in Hawaii.