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"Are you going to be around for a while, Mr. Maginess?"

I looked up from my paperback novel and looked at the clock. "Yeah,
a while. There's something I need to do later. But that's not for an
hour or so. Why?"

Carmen got up from her desk and came over and patted the little case
containing her lock-picking tools in her palm. I had gotten her the
tools for her twenty-first birthday.

"I thought I'd go around to some of the vacant offices in the building
and keep in practice."

"Okay" I said, getting back to the novel.

She went for the door.

"And try not to get arrested" I called out after her.

She turned around and straightened herself up to every inch of her
frame, which with heels was about six-foot-three, put her hand on her
hip and smiled sweetly.

"Cute little me, arrested? I don't think so." Then she walked out.

She was getting better and better, that one. All my training and bad
influences were beginning to pay off.

— from "Hello, Robert"

Private-eyes use lock picks occasionally to get access to places they
need to get to. It's a time-honored tradition. In fact, they still use
them even today.

The above 32-piece set of lock picking tools — the one that caught my
eye — is available at $79.95 from ACEhackware.

It includes all sorts of various picks, including hooks, rakes, balls,
diamonds, extractors, and tension tools. And it comes in a nice leather
case. If this one is a little too large for your private-eye needs, they
have smaller ones that would fit in your jacket pocket.