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Although it's been my intent lately to limit my blog to P.M.P.I and
detective fiction stuff, with the occasional sea-turtle reference thrown
in, I came across something last night that is just so ludicrous that I
couldn't let it pass without mentioning it on the blog.

There's a new movie out called Marie Antoinette, directed and
written by Sofia Coppola and starring Kristen Dunst. It's about Marie
Antoinette. You know, Marie Antoinette, Princess of Austria and Queen of
France. Marie Antoinette, wife to Louis XVI. Marie Antoinette, executed
for treason on the guillotine in 1793. That Marie Antoinette.

Well, I was watching the trailer on television last night, and to be
honest I wasn't really paying much attention to it, but one line at the
very end of the trailer definitely got my attention.

Right at the end, the voice-over narrator says "Based on a true story."

I really couldn't believe it. "Based on a true story?" Really? You mean
the movie is about a real person? Somebody who actually lived who was
named Marie Antoinette?

Have we gotten so generally STUPID out there now that we have to start
adding lines like that? Was that really necessary? It's just pathetic to
think that the producers or the advertising people would think that. And
it's even more pathetic to think that, well, that they just may be
right, that they did some market research or something and discovered
that there's just such a lack of knowledge about history out there that
the line was necessary. It's just plain sad.

Now I could kind of understand the line "based on a true story" being
added to The Black Dahlia or to Hollywoodland. The Black
Dahlia case isn't too generally well-known outside of southern
California except to historians, period buffs, and crime novel fans. And
the George Reeves story in Hollywoodland is even less known.

But Marie Antoinette? C'mon.

Just for the record, I should maybe mention that Flyboys is based
on World War One, which was an actual historical event; and that Flags
of our Fathers
is based on World War Two and the invasion of Iwo
Jima, which also really happened.

On the other hand, X-Men 3: The Last Stand, Superman Returns, and
The Chronicles of Narnia are NOT based on real events and are not
"true stories." I just thought I would clear that up.


Marie Antionette.
You mean, she was a real person?