Those of you who have come to this blog over the past months may have
followed the link in the TOC to the Turtle Live Cam. If so you will know
Bay, the Green Sea Turtle who has been swimming happily in the tank and
in front of the cameras for some time now.

Bay the Turtle

Well, it seems that the long-expected move of Bay to the Minnesota
Aquarium and Zoo has finally taken place. On Sunday 29 October, Bay was
flown to Minnesota in a private jet sponsored by Sima Birach, owner of a
Washington D.C. area radio station. The private jet was arranged due to
the difficulties of flying a live turtle on a commercial liner. (It seems
that the turtles can't get the packets of peanuts open either — just

Bay has been a resident of the Karen Beasley Hospital since June 2001.
She went into the hospital severely injured after having been hit by a
boat, which cracked her carapace (shell) and broke every bone in her
back flippers. Although it is usually the intent of the Beasley Hospital
to return sea turtles to the wild, Bay's injuries were severe enough that
even after recuperation she cannot be returned to the ocean. Thus, after
a long stay at the hospital, Bay is being given a new home in captivity.

Evidently, Bay will have the company of another turtle at the Minnesota
Aquarium, along with fish and other sea creatures.

Bay being transported to her new home in Minnesota
What a beautiful turtle.

I've gotten used to Bay over the past months. She became a part of my
routine, as I would hit the Turtle Cam and check in on her every morning
along with my coffee. And, I admit, sometimes a few other times during
the day, too. Thus while I personally didn't know her, I certainly felt
like I did, and I will miss her.

The new star on the horizon for the Turtle Cam is Surf City. They
haven't posted any information on this new turtle yet, but to me Surf
City looks like a Loggerhead. But then, I'm no expert on turtles.

I wish Bay a long and happy life.

For more information, click here.