I've noticed lately that some bloggers seem to have "alternate blogs."
I can only guess at the reason for that, but I imagine that it has
something to do with competing interests and the desire to do rather
specialized blogs to appeal to people who go in for those different

Now I sorta came up with my own alter-ego blog a while back (you can
check here if you're interested). I don't think I would actually do a blog
like that, inasmuch as it wouldn't fit in with my own current interests
or lifestyle.

And I have often thought that as far as the non-P.M.P.I. posts that I do
here that I should have another blog featuring just those kind of posts,
the ones tagged The Republic of Bullshit. Which would make a fine title
for a blog. But going back and forth between two blogs would be more
trouble than I am willing to take. So as far as those types of posts go,
I think I'll just try to limit them and post them here occasionally.

Which is not to say that I haven't thought of other blogs that I might
do. Here's few that I've come up with.

The Crazy Guy Downstairs with the Golf Club Blog. This blog, similar
to the one mentioned above, would primarily be for rants and trolling
and such, but more in line with my current lifestyle and interests and
paranoid delusions. And since I actually do own a couple of golf clubs,
it wouldn't be entirely inaccurate. Wouldn't you just love to see
the banner for this one?

Girls With Sexy Noses Blog. This blog would be a free, G-rated porn
site devoted to tight photo crops of the noses of actresses and
celebrities that I think have sexy noses, maybe throwing in the mouth
also for purposes of context. Not everybody's cup of tea, perhaps, but
it might cater to a small group of avid nose aficionados.

Guess who?

The You Write It I'll Fix It Blog. This is a ghost writing blog where
people dump paragraphs that they are having trouble with in the form of
comments posted to the blog, and I rewrite the paragraph into something
closer to that normally found in the English language. This might sound
like dull work, but then I spend most of my time doing that kind of crap
anyway except it's my own badly written stuff. But this isn't the type of
blog that I would want to do for fun or out of committment, and it's not
clear how I would make any money off of it, either. Maybe side-bar ads or
something? And I would have to add one stipulation, as well: No cover
letters. I hate cover letters.

The Militant Liberal Survivalist Blog. This blog would be written from
the perspective of a radical-leftist seventies guy who, since the ascension
of Bush-Cheney, has come to the conclusion that the crazy guys who live
out on ranches in Montana and arm themselves to the teeth just might have
the right idea in a dying Republic. I might actually make some money on this
blog, too, doing things like gun reviews and ads for wood- burning stoves —
at least until the social order breaks down completely.

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