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After a trial lasting close to a year, Saddam Hussein, former leader of
Iraq, has been convicted of Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide. In a
sentence that surprised many, Hussein's sentence will consist of five
years probation and a two-thousand dollar fine.

"This was Saddam's first conviction as an evil, murdering bastard" the
presiding judge said. "We won't go nearly so easy on him the next time."

Many of Hussein's victims and their families were happy at hearing
Hussein had been convicted. "At last we can have some closure" said one
victim's parents, whose son had been killed in a raid on a Kurdish village.
"Though we must admit, we were kind of hoping they would shoot him in the
head or something."

The presiding judge of the court also added that he had considered
giving Hussein 600 hours of community service as well, but in the end
"decided that we had pretty much had enough of Saddam 'serving the