As I put up my last post I happened to notice that it was the 99th post
on this blog. Which of course meant that my next post (this one) would
be number 100.

Now the number 100 doesn't have any magical significance. It's just a
quirk of the base-ten number system. Nevertheless it did seem kind of
great that I was moving into the triple digits realm.

My first thought was that I should make the 100th post a very special
post. I thought that I might hold off on any new posts until I had
finished the story "Hello, Robert." That would be appropriate, I think,
for this type of blog — to make the 100th post a piece of fiction. I
also thought about doing a kind of retrospective, reminiscing on doing
the blog since I started it last March. But that seemed boring. Boring
even to write let alone read.

So then I decided, hell, I think I'll just give myself a friggin' trophy.
I think I deserve it, ya know?

A pretty nice trophy, yeah?
I'm so proud of it!

Now if I take the months March-November and divide by 100, that gives
something like 12 posts per month. Which isn't all that many, really. But
it certainly did seem like a lot of work for those posts. My word count
might be a better indicator. That Killer Smile came in at around
25K words alone. And the majority of my posts are fairly long. Then there
is the work I've put in on my second novel, only excerpts of which have
been posted here as yet. There were also about a dozen posts here that
I deleted during the August "housecleaning" and which aren't in the total.

Anyway, the point is not that I get a trophy of course but that I'm still
doing it. And that hopefully the blog is "waxing gibbous and not waning."