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Marie-Joseph Jude.
(Just click on the photo to hear her play.)

I was doing another post here on the blog when I remembered a work by
Maurice Ravel called "Une Barque Sur l'Ocean." I used it as a side head
in the post. Afterward, I got to thinking about the work again, not
having heard it in years, and by a stoke of good fortune came across a
wonderful video on youTube of Marie-Joseph Jude playing the piece.
Unfortunately, as I was finishing this post I noticed that the video
for Une Barque was screwing up somehow. So I've substituted Jude
playing another piece from the Miroirs set, Alborada del gracioso.
I don't like that piece quite as well, but there was nothing I could do
about it and you still get to see and hear Jude play.

I just fell in love. What a beauty. And what a pianist.

I've got to get to work on that magic lamp. After I wish for my brand-
new, fully healthy younger body, I'm going to wish that Marie-Joseph
come play for me and me alone in a nice hotel suite on a beautiful
grand piano. In a pair of black high heels. That's it, just the heels.
After she plays, I think I'd like to try out the piano bench a little.
If you know what I mean and I think you do.