I was thinking today about the uses of the human foot. Here are a few
I've come up with so far.

  • Walking and standing; running
  • Depressing the gas and brake and clutch pedals in a vehicle
  • Riding a bicycle
  • Pushing down the plunger to turn off the shower head when taking a shower
  • Kicking someone (not recommended, but handy if in trouble) or something,
    such as a soccer ball
  • Climbing (rock climbing, pole climbing, etc)
  • Scratching the other foot or ankle when they have an itch
  • Holding something down that we don't want to move
  • Kick starting a motorcycle, lawn mower, etc.
  • Tapping to express a certain psychological mood, such as when irritated
    or when listening to music
  • Perhaps various sexual uses that I'm not into and which I won't go into here

There might be a few other things that I didn't think of. But in any case
it seems that compared to the human hand that the uses of the foot are
rather limited. The list for the human hand would take volumes.

The human hand — fingers with opposable thumb — is at least partly
responsible for our species' survival. It is the hand that made tools,
weapons to hunt; that allows us to sew clothing; that enabled us to
plant crops or to build pyramids.

The hand makes painting, drawing, sculpture possible. Or at least it makes
them far easier. I've heard of people without arms who paint by holding a
brush between their teeth. But there is no doubt that it is that incredible
connection between the eye and brain and hand of the artist that has brought
so much beauty into the world.

It is the hand that enables writing — or, in the case of this blog, typing.

One hand holds the book. The other turns the page.

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