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"I have no gifts to bring pa-rum-pa-pa-pum" and all that.

So I thought I'd give what I could.

Now, if you are a rock legend like Bob Dylan,
and you need a really beautiful girl for your next music video,
well you couldn't really get much luckier than to have
Scarlett Johansson sign on.

So here's Bob singing "When the Deal Goes Down."
Just click on Scarlett to play the video on youTube.
You can click on her anywhere you like — go ahead, she won't mind.

And if you like the song "Man of Constant Sorrow" from the
movie O Brother, Where Art Thou?, well here's Bob doing it.

And you just won't believe Bob doing it — Wow.
The long, sustained harmonica note in the middle
of the song is absolute perfection.

[UPDATE 01/02/08. The original link to the youTube
video went bad, as all too frequently happens. I was
only able to replace it with a recorded version, not
the incredible early television version. But I hope
you enjoy it anyway. — E.P.]

Just click the picture.

And with this, hopefully, I can stop writing for a while.