UPDATE: I've been so busy I haven't been to the Opera homepage in a while.

I think I mentioned once that if I ever turned into one of those guys
who sit around and obsess over their hit count that I would pack it
all in here.

But no writer likes to write into the abyss. It's nice to think that what
you have been doing is getting out there and that maybe some people are
enjoying what you are creating.

So the first thing I would like to say is that I appreciate ALL the
readers who come to this blog. I hope you find stuff here you like to
read or look at, and I hope you will continue to check in every once in
a while and check out what's new at P.M.P.I.

I'm trying my best to get new posts up on a frequent basis — although I
may slow down a bit every once in a while if I am working on new

Anyway, I was doing some research today on the Technorati site. As you
may or may not be aware, this blog is registered with and links to
Technorati. While I was there today I got curious and decided to see
how other blogs were doing, just for purposes of comparison.

The #1 rated blog at Technorati right now is Engadget — a blog my friend
Sean turned me onto a few days ago. Here is Engadget's hit counter as of
the day of this post.

I would imagine that the recent sharp spike in Engadget's stats over
the past few days has been due to the new "i-phone" by Apple. SUDDEN
INCREDIBLE IDEA: maybe I should put the "i-phone" tag on all my posts!

The Huffington Post is one of the more famous blogs on the internet and
comes in at #5 on Technorati's list. Here's Huffington's graph.

Now at first I thought that the above graphs must surely be registered
in the thousands. That is, the numbers are x1000. If that is the case,
there is no indication of it either on the graph or in other information
surrounding the graph. So I really don't know.

Now P.M.P.I. is rated at #621,045. Which, if I were telling people about
it across the table, would not exactly bounce trippingly off the tongue.
Here's my hit chart.

Now, is it just my imagination, or am I doing pretty well in comparison?
I would say that for a small, "specialty" blog that I'm doing very well.
"Strange things happen sometimes" as one of my characters says.

In terms of Opera, I normally have been in the far end of the top 1000.
Which isn't all that bad considering that Opera hosts what must be about
a quarter of a million blogs here — I don't know the exact number but
it is very large, I do know that.

Incidentally, I have found that if you want to do a blog search for a
specific topic, that Technorati Search is superior to Google Blog Search.
Technorati uses the Google search engine. But the blog information
on it must be enhanced somehow. In any case you get what seems to be a
more up-to-date and complete search using Technorati. I have put links
to both in the "Convenient Links" section here on the blog.

I'm also registered with Clustrmaps. This lets me know where everybody
that hits the blog is located at. So far it's been exciting to tune in
and see people from southern China, Chile, Berlin, Portugal, India,
Australia, and other points around the globe come to the site. There
have also been some hits from Saudi, and if any of those are American
troops I would like to say hello and keep your heads down and I hope you
all get home very, very soon.

I also notice a growing red dot on Clustrmaps in the vicinity of Los
Angeles and New York. Now I don't know who is visiting from there, but I
will say here (for purely selfish reasons) that A) No, I am not
currently represented by a literary agent; and B) Yes, my work is
available for publication in book form or for screenplays. Okay, that's
enough advertising.

Once again, thanks to all my readers.