Well at approximately the same time that I was named Member of the Week
here at OC (yeah, I just had to drop that one more time — at least one
more time), my home city of Spokane I think was winnng the Big Friggin'
Deal Award for hosting the National Figure Skating Championships 2007.

The Championships have been a long time in coming. Tickets first went on
sale around the time Cardinal Richelieu was manipulating the King of
France, and if you wanted to buy a pass to all the skating events it
would cost you a briefcase full of cocaine and an unregistered 9-banger.
Luckily, more people in Spokane turned out to have briefcases full of
drugs and illegal Glocks than you might imagine. So everything went okay
and you might say that "attendance was high."

Now, I don't mind ice skating. I used to watch it with my mom every once
in a while. And I certainly don't mind that Spokane held the event. What
get's me is the coverage of this thing. We're a small city here, and I
know this is really a big deal for a small city like us, but I just wish
the local media would go a bit easier on the feeding frenzy. I really
don't care what hotel these skaters are staying at, and I don't care
where they had their morning breakfast. That's just too much
information. Stick to the skating, that I'm okay with. But following
some little fourteen year-old skater as she goes shopping is not my idea
of journalism. Not having to do that kind of thing is why parents give
their teens money in the first place. I don't think these media people
understand that concept. The idea is to nod at young people and smile
and then send them on their merry way and forget about it. So I really
don't think we need to endure that kind of thing via a bunch of TV or
newspaper people.

Oh, well. It's almost over. And then Spokane can go back to peaceful

Emily Hughes on ice.

Before this event, Emily went to the mall and purchased a new
set of headphones for her i-pod, a "Washington State Cougars"
sweatshirt, and then got a big salted pretzel. The she
went back to her hotel, used the toilet, and took a nap.

As to how she did in the Championship, more at 11:00.