"FARGO, N.D. – A drunk man who tried to climb over a freight train
stopped at a downtown crossing ended up going for a ride when the train
took off. The 23-year-old man called 911 from his cell phone early
Friday when the train reached the Casselton area west of Fargo because
he was cold and wanted off, said Cass County Deputy Sheriff Shawn Getz.

Dispatchers called BNSF Railway, which alerted the train conductor."

Now, I've been pretty drunk once or twice in my life. Maybe even three
times. But the worst I've ever done when drunk (or at least the worst
that my lawyers will let me talk about) is to lean over to untie my shoe
while sitting on the bed only to fall over and bang my head on the floor
and knock myself unconscious.

But "accidentally" getting aboard a freight train? One thing about it,
the guy is going to get the phrase "Yer' awesome, dude" thrown at him by
his buds more times over the next three years than he can count.

Incidentally, if the guy hadn't had a cell he might very well have had
to wait until he got to my own town of Spokane to get off. In fact, the
BNSF line running through town is about one block from my apartment.