Mr. Wizard and Tooter Turtle

Sometimes I'll sit down at the text editor and write something that I
will later decide not to post on this blog. The reasons for not posting
these things are varied. In some cases it is because they deal with
issues that I consider too political for this blog, or at least verge
too close to it. There are lots of political blogs on the internet. This
isn't one of them, and I want to keep it that way. If I do post
something vaguely political, it is because the post is really just too
satirical to be taken all that seriously. Which isn't to say it might
not have an underlying point, of course. That happens sometimes.
But the important thing is that they aren't really the type of posts
that would cause all sorts of political oriented responses and comments.
Mostly, I'm just frigging sick of politics and don't want to get into
all that stuff.

Then there are other posts that I don't put up for other reasons. I
won't put up posts that criticise other web sites or the people on other
web sites, for example. The reason for that is simply self-intererst —
I don't want a lot of flack comming back here where my readers
have to read about it.

I also try to run a "clean," relatively G-Rated site. I put what I have
to into my fiction, of course, but as far as regular posts go I want to
keep things fairly clean. I had a comment once from a girl who said she
was 15 years old. It occurred to me then that while this site might not
draw a lot of young people, that it was always a possibility and that I
didn't want to put anything up here that I wouldn't show to my own child
if I had one.

And there were other posts and other reasons.

In any case, here are a few pieces that I did that I didn't put up on
the blog over the past few months.

— A post nominating Clara Barton for President, even though she's dead.
(Too political.)

— A post on some of the ridiculous crap or people that I've come across on
other sites. (Too Attack Oriented.)

— A post on certain ideas and opinions that a certain person on a certain
web site has dealing with detective fiction. (Too Attack Oriented.)

— A post dealing with linguistic aspects of the sentence "What strange
dolls little girls play with these days." (Too Obscure. And possibly Too

— One dealing with recent aspects on Libel here in the US as it relatea to
blogging. (ultimately, Too Don't Give a Shit.)

— At the beginning of the year, a "2006 Fact Book" giving a bunch
of totally false and ridiculous "facts" from the past year. (Too Stupid,
even for this blog; also not humorous enough.)

— A post in praise of a girl who I went to high-school with, and which
also talked about Proust and other writers I've never read. (Too
Obscure.) But there is one quote from it that I will salvage here:

"For in this world of ours where everything withers, everything perishes,
there is a thing that decays, that crumbles into dust even more
completely, leaving behind still fewer traces of itself, than Beauty:
namely Grief." — Marcel Proust, Time Regained

— A "review" of Giorgo Armani's new movie, The Armani Code. (Too

— One on my New Year's Resolutions and one reviewing my new camera (Too
Blah Blah Blah.)

— A parody on recent ads for the US Army. (Too Political.)

— A look at the old cartoons "Bongo Congo" and "Tooter Turtle." Here's
the reason I didn't post the Tooter Turtle one:

"Assuming many different identities, Tooter Turtle went from being a
lumberjack to a taxi driver, from pre-historic times to the moon. He
always wound up botching the jobs and getting in trouble. Crying out
"Help, Mr. Wizard!" Tooter invoked the powers of Mr. Wizard to get him
home. Mr. Wizard complied, with his magical chant: "Drizzle, Drazzle,
Druzzle, Drome, time for this one to come home!"

So in other words, Too Political. And boy that one is really sad.