Fantasy art by Renato Casaro.

Some movies are more than just movies. They are a part of your personal
history. Across time they become like an old friend that you go over to
visit every once in a while, or perhaps comes over to visit you.

Tonight I decided to get away from the desk and just stretch out on the
couch and watch Conan the Barbarian. I forget how many times I've
seen it. It doesn't make any difference. It's like that old friend I
talked about. It's my second favorite movie of its type, after The

Now if you're going to watch Arnold the Barbarian you have to have some
good barbarian snacks to go along with it. So I got some smokey, spicy
sausage sticks in and some Pepper-Jack cheese.

Neither of those is really good for my low-sodium diet, but having that
kind of thing every once in a while isn't going to do any real damage. I
would have normally had the snacks with a bottle of beer, I suppose. But
I have to go to the doctor tomorrow so I settled for some Shasta Cola. My
dog, Baron, helped me out eating the snacks. Big surprise there.

It's always interesting, seeing a movie multiple times, how different
things will grab your attention, something you never really paid
attention to before.

Conan in the classic pose shot from the movie.

Valeria tries to bring Conan back from the brink of death.
"All the gods, they cannot sever us.
If I were dead and you were still fighting
for life, I would come back from the darkness.
Back from the pit of hell to fight at your side."

Now that's a girlfriend who loves you.