It's the Spring Festival!

Ah, if only starting anew in life
was as easy as
turning the pages of a calendar.

I finished off the last dumpling and swished the bite down with some
beer. Then I leaned back in my chair a bit. "I'll tell you honestly,
though, Mr. Wang. This new case is driving me crazy. I dig into things,
and I think at any one time that I've discovered what is going on. But
as it turns out it's nothing like that at all. All I run into is lies.
And falsities. I feel like I'm moving through a land of shadows, where
nothing is real any more. Where nothing is true any more."

Mr. Wang pushed his plate across the table a way, dabbed his mouth with
his napkin, folded it, and put it on the table. Then he rapped his
knuckles against the table a few times, hard. "That is real, Mr. Ma. The
table is hard beneath my hand. It makes a noise when I hit it. If I
wished, I could cut the table up and use it for firewood, and it would
burn, and give off heat. And when the sun goes down and the lights are
turned off, the table is still here. It doesn't go away simply because
it is too dark to see it. Don't let the shadows make you lose your way,
Mr. Ma. Believe in yourself, and never give up on the truth. That is the
only way through the shadows we come across in life."

— from Years and Shadows

Bai Nian!
Happy Chinese New Year!