Back in 1987 I was really bored one night so I walked down to the
nearest movie place (about 15 blocks away — I really used to walk a lot
back then) and just picked one of two they had showing and watched it.
The movie I ended up seeing was The Allnighter. It wasn't that great of
a movie, kind of a USA Up All Night type of flick.

But there was one thing about the movie that I did like. In one of the
supporting roles there was an actress who was taller than all the rest
and just plain crazy, as well as being (to me at least) very sexy. Her
name, as I discovered when the credits rolled, was Joan Cusack.
I became an instant fan.

That same year she appeared in Broadcast News in another
supporting role that this time got her a lot of attention. The trouble
is, that seemed to die very quickly. She had a lead role in Adams
Family Values
, and was both funny and sexy in it. But that was six
years after Broadcast News. Let me repeat that. Six years after
Broadcast News. She played in a funny Muppet movie (2002) and
had another great role in School for Rock (2003). That movie came
ten years after Adams Family Values.

Ten frigging years.

The problem isn't that she hasn't been working. She's had good luck
there. The problem, at least as I see it, is that she keeps getting put
into these supporting roles where she gets inevitably pushed out of the
limelight by other actresses — Julie Roberts or Jennifer Aniston, for
example. Which is really not what you would think equitable for one of
the best comic actresses out there.

What's going on here? I think she's getting screwed big time — and I
don't mean that in a good way.

Now, maybe she's fine with all that and that's the way she wants things.

But I doubt it.