We was just sittin’ around the barber shop yesterday talkin’ about
Thucydides’ view of human nature and its implications for history when
somebody, I think it was Ben, brought up the subject of the Civil War in
Iraq. "It seems to me" Wilbur said, "that this country wasn't all agreed
when we was fightin' the Revolutionary War. Not that we went around
killin' each other. At least not much." So we all got to that for a
while —- except for Jack, who had as usual fallen asleep in the chair
for his afternoon nap —- and we decided that Wilbur did make a pretty
good point all things considered. At which point old Pete ran into the
shop and said, “Hey, there’s a fire at the wig factory! Firetrucks are
on the way!” We all just looked at him and shook our heads. It seemed
that old Pete was havin' another one of his flashbacks to the wig
factory fire of a few weeks prior. So a couple of us got up out of our
chairs and went up to old Pete and took him gently by each arm and
walked him home and put him in bed and put a cool washrag on his
forehead. At which point it was gettin' pretty close to supper hour, so
we went home.