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Last night was the Academy Award Show. True to my word in an earlier
post I didn't watch the thing. Not technically, at least. I did have it
on the television in the background as I worked here at the blog trying
to fix some CSS code that I screwed up.

When they announced Reese Witherspoon to give an award, I had to turn
and watch. She was wearing a black strapless formal and had her hair
long and straight. I have to say I've seen her look better. The dress was
so-so and I didn't like the hair style at all. She looked much better last
year. The good news this year, though, is that she's single again.

Reese Witherspoon.

So much for celebrity babe watching — always a tendency here at

The real news from last night was that An Inconvenient Truth won
best Oscar for a documentary. Not surprising, really. It seems that
Global Warming is now taking it's place alongside other "unsubstantiated"
theories — like the "round Earth" idea.

Al Gore and David Guggenheim holding their Oscar.
I think they actually get one each. They don't have to
cut it in half or anything.

I went to Technorati this afternoon to see what was out there in the
Blogosphere with regard to Al Gore and the movie. Gore was listed as one
of the top 10 Technorati searches. But once I got to going through the
blogs I have to say it wasn't all that informative. Mostly just a lot of
people saying things like "Gee, that's great" or "I just love that Melissa
Etheridge song."

All of this attention has fueled speculation about Gore running for
President again. And by the way, it wouldn't necessarily be as a Democrat.
There's been some talk for a while that he might run as the Green Party
candidate. Which would kind of make sense.

I came away from the evening with two new deeply held convictions.
First, there's no way in hell I'm going to get the CSS code right to get
my post heads to look the same on the comments pages. The second was
that as soon as I get my magic lamp to working that Reese definitely
needs some of my Sweet Man Love. Strange hairstyle or not.