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"It only takes five little fingers to blow you away."
— Elvis Costello

As I mentioned on an earlier post, last week I watched a double feature
of The Big Sleep and Kiss Me, Deadly on television. Since I don't watch
television all that much, usually only when my brain is tired, I was unaware
that the double feature was part of a new thing they have on Turner Classic
Movies. They are now featuring detective movies every Tuesday and Wednesday
nights. Tonight, for example, they will be showing Detective Story (1951)
with Kirk Douglas, The Naked City (1948), and He Walked By Night

But I wanted to tell you about the commercial for the series, which they
call "Watching the Detectives." The promo for the series is just the coolest
advertisement on the tube right now. I may be a little bit prejudiced, of

Clicking on the photo above will take you to the TCM promo. When the promo
starts to play (if you are running a Windows OS) right click on the screen
and then hit ZOOM and FULL SCREEN. I suggest that because it really is a lot
cooler in full size.

The advertisment features the song "Watching the Detectives" by Elvis Costello.