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In case you were sitting at your desk doing something important but then
somehow your mind started to drift a bit and drifted a bit more until by
some strange sequence of irrational logic you suddenly were thinking
"Gee, I wonder what Reese Witherspoon has been up to lately?" — well,
here ya' go.

According to the IMDB, Reese has a couple of things coming up in the
way of movies. She's got the release of Penelope coming out in April,
which she has minimal time in but helped produce. And there is the movie
Sammy in pre-production (i.e. they haven't started filming it yet) and I don't
know anything at all about that one.

Being released later in the year will be Rendition. Here's the synopsis
for that one:

"The director of the Academy Award-winning 2006 crime drama Tsotsi
returns to the helm with this tale of a Middle East CIA operative who
begins to have doubts about his latest assignment after witnessing the
interrogation of a suspected suicide bomber by secret police. Jake
Gyllenhaal, Peter Sarsgaard, and Reese Witherspoon star."

The title of the movie comes from the term "extraordinary rendition."

Pretty serious stuff. Reese has the lead female role in it. It might
seem kind of strange to see her in a role like that, but she is an Oscar
winning actress now, and besides I Walk the Line she did a good number
of serious roles when she was younger.

It's good to know that Reese is using her Oscar "for good rather than
evil." There's nothing in The Rules that says that if you win an Oscar
that you are required to take on a role in a movie about illegal torture
that won't exactly be a draw with the fun-loving after-dinner movie
crowd and which will undoubtedly go quickly to DVD. Kudos to Reese for
that. She could have gone out and used her new honors to land roles in
a few high-drawing movies that are just crap but would come with a
really high paycheck.

Although if she wants to do Legally Blonde 3, I can't say I would
object too much.

Rendition is being kept rather tightly under wraps for some reason
— I could speculate but it would be useless. In any case all I was able to
find was this small low-res photo still from the movie — and I was lucky to
find even that.

Reese in Rendition.
I hate to say it, but she kinda looks like
a crack whore who has stolen a baby.

Or maybe that's just the result of
oversharpening of the low-res photo.
Oversharpening tends to make everyone
look like crack whores.

On the other hand, that's pretty much
the way Reese looked at the Academy Awards
this month, too. Except without the stolen baby.

They have a rule at the Oscars that you can't
bring stolen babies into the auditorium.
Evidently, the rule goes back to an incident
involving a drunken John Barrymore in 1932.

Well, enough of the serious movie stuff. Here's one of Reese just
looking cute as hell with Bob Newhart in Legally Blonde 2.

Ah, that's more like it.

And by the way, what's with this totally fascist fan site devoted to
Reese? They have more "Rules" to join this site than you'd need to get
into Langley. Let's just say I didn't bother. Reese may be cute, but
there's no way in hell I'm going to go through all of that.