My garage item. Don't ask me what it is.

A couple months ago I read on the internet that the producers of My
House Is Worth What?
on the cable HGTV were looking for people they
could feature on their new show My Garage Item Is Worth What?
Evidently they are putting out the spinoff in the hope that it will
become another kind of Antiques Road Show.

Well, figuring that I had about as much chance as the next guy to get on
the show, I filled out the on-line bullshit and hit the submit button.
Last month, they phoned me and wanted to know if I was still interested
in being on the show. I said yes, and we arranged for a taping of the
show for March 20.

So yesterday the whole crew arrives bright and early in the morning. They
hooked up lights all over the place and put the cameras on tripods and
set to hooking up cables and such.

The first disappointment was that I fully expected that the hosts of
My Garage Item Is Worth What? would be the same sexy blonde
and sexy redhead that host My House Is Worth What? Instead, I
got a guy named Don and guy named Pete.

After everything was set up Don and Pete took me through the ropes and
explained that when the cameras started rolling I would present my
garage item and give a little bit of background on it. Then they would
do the estimate.

So the cameras started rolling, and I handed my item (see above photo)
to Don and Pete. They gave me a funny look, then went over and conferred
amongst themselves and got out a PDA and a stylus and did some calculations
and then came back over to me and gave the results, film rolling.

Here's how it came out.

Garage Item: Unknown.

Initial Cost: $0.00. I found it lying in a gutter.

Improvements/Modifications: $0.00

It's Worth How Much? $0.00

All in all, the hosts and the director didn't seem very happy with me.
In fact I think you can say they were downright pissed. They packed up
the cameras and the cables and the lights and left.

I really don't think they were very friendly people.