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Well if you've ever said to yourself "What I would really like to have
is some contemporary artist like Sting doing the Elizabethan madrigals
of John Dowland" — well, here ya' go.

Is is only slightly less bizarre than Billy Idol doing the Christmas
Songs album. Just slightly.

But in a strange way, it does fit. Dowland was one of the most popular
songwriters of his day, and a pretty good argument could be made that
"Flow, My Tears" was the first international hit. And since Sting is a
pretty popular singer himself — or maybe was before he put out this
album — then there are certain parallels.

And there might be advantages in terms of listening to the music as
well. Dowland's songs are usually performed by a counter-tenor — a male
tenor with a very high range. Which can be a little grating on the
nerves for some people. Thus what Sting's recording lacks in historical
authenticity it may very well make up for in being a much more
listen-able album.

And I don't think Dowland would have minded at all.

You can get it here.

He also did a sequel or supplement to the album, which you can find here.

John Dowland.

Dowland held degrees in music from
both Oxford and Cambridge.
Pretty damn impressive.