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Ty Cobb

3035 games played
2246 runs
1937 runs batted in
892 stolen bases
.366 career average

Another funny baseball story. This concerns Ty Cobb, who spent most of
his career with the Detroit Tigers. Cobb is considered one of the best —
possibly even the best — all-around baseball player of all time.

Ty Cobb was a lifetime .366 hitter, the highest career batting average
in baseball history. His playing days ended in 1928.

In 1959, someone – probably a sports writer – asked Cobb how he would
fare against modern-day pitching. Imagine that person’s surprise when
Cobb replied that he’d only hit .300.

“Are today’s pitchers that much better than the ones you faced?” the
writer asked.

Cobb’s reply? “You’ve got to remember – I’m 73.”



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