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Click on the turtle to get to The Great Turtle Race

Coming up is Earth Day. But for now I just wanted to echo Gary's blog and
put something up on this interesting sea-turtle "race" sponsored by
Yahoo. If you're a regular viewer of The Colbert Report here in
the States, you will have heard about this one due to the fact that one
of the turtles was named in honor of Steve Colbert — so of course in
his typical style he is plugging it for all it's worth.

This is a great project. There are a lot of good resources available
stemming off from the project that you can find if you go to the Race
site (see above). In particular, they have some really nice photos and
graphics. I have no doubt that I will be using some of them.

I challenged Gary to a 25 cent (or 2-1/2 peso) bet on the race, and he has
taken me up on the bet. Gary picked Sundae, as he likes ice cream. I've
picked Genevieve, a great old name that reminds me of a Waterhouse
painting. Except that I don't think Waterhouse ever painted turtles — for
some odd reason.

I don't see a single turtle in this painting.