Jim Morrison's grave, Paris.

One of my favorite internet sites is Find A Grave. While some people
might find that morbid, for me it is just a matter of historical and
cultural interest.

My favorite grave to present is Jim Morrison's grave.

The site gives a good bit of information about Jim's plot in the La Pere
Lachaise Cemetery in Paris. There have been some strange goings-on there
over the years.

"The grave unmarked for many years became much to the chagrin of cemetery
officials a number one Paris tourist destination. A stone block was
placed over his sealed grave after many attempts to unearth the grave
were made by fans of the occult and mysticism who came from around the
world, performed devil worship rites, sexual orgies and had drug
parties at the grave site. They came over the walls at night. Security
guards with dogs patrolled the grounds while cameras to survey the grave
were installed along with night lighting. Litter, wine bottles, drug
needles and graffiti were left behind. Souvenir hunters took every thing
that could be uprooted or torn free."
(from Find A Grave)

Sounds pretty wild. I'm sure Jim appreciated the parties for him.

Find A Grave also has one unusual feature. You can leave virtual flowers
and a note for the person you've come to visit. At the time of this
post, 3788 mourners have left notes for Jim. It is interesting to look
through the notes. Some obvious cases of obsession here, no doubt. And
then other ones that are more of what you would expect, and which I take
a great joy in reading, like this one:

"Hey my love. How's you? Anyways, just wanted to say I love you lots,
wish you were here; can't wait to meet you! I did some crazy ass drugs
just for you this weekend! Party on…"

Not that I am encouraging drug use or anything. But we are talking about
Jim Morrison's grave here — not Emily Dickinson's.

Some of the notes lean toward the more poetic side.

"Angels always sing with accord."

There is an ancient Greek phrase on Jim's grave.


If there's anybody out there who has studied Greek, I would certainly give
you my heartfelt thanks if you could translate it for me.

Yeah, the blue bus is comin' for all of us. I think that what matters is
not what you have in life, or how much time you have, it's what you do in
life that counts. And in spite of his short span Jim did a lot, no doubt
about it. So it's impossible to be sad. Now….let's get this party going.