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Well the Great Turtle Race, sponsored by Yahoo and several other public
and private businesses and organizations, came to a close over the past
few days.

As of the date of this post, all of the turtles have either crossed the
finish line in the vicinity of the Galapagos Islands or (in the case of
Windy) will soon be there.

Here are the results of the race.

1. Billie
2. Stephanie Colburtle
3. Champiro
4. Turtleocity
5. Purple Lightning
6. Genevieve
7. Saphira
8. Freedom
9. Windy (projected)
DNF. Drexelina
DNF. Sundae

The last two didn't finish. Both seemed to get hung up in Costa Rica for
some reason. My theory is they met, fell in love, and decided to settle
in Costa Rica instead of the Galapagos. But that's just a theory. I do
hear that Costa Rica is a pretty nice place.

Gary and me had our 25 cent US (2-1/1 peso MEX) bet going. But seeing as
neither of our turtles actually won the race it is kind of a moot point
and cancels the bet. Damn, I had that 2-1/2 pesos already spent, too!

The turtle named in honor of Stephen Colbert of The Colbert Report
finished second. I can already hear him complain about how the race must
have been "fixed" — it would be like him to do just that in any case. And
of course it would all be just bullshit anyway for the sake of having fun.

What is really good news, of course, is that all of the turtles except
the Costa Rica pair have made it safely to their nesting grounds and
will now be laying eggs to bring forth a lot of new, baby Leatherback

And if there's one thing the world needs for sure, it's more turtles.