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Caden Atchley

I don't do local Spokane stuff here normally, but in this case I'm making
an exception.

Caden Atchley, son of Melissa and Josh Atchley of Spokane, is now in
Seattle and is getting a bone marrow transplant.

Caden was born with "boy in a bubble" syndrome, he lacks an immune
system. His parents had the choice to let Caden live in a sterile
environment for the rest of this life or to opt for the bone marrow
surgery to try to give him a more "normal" life.

I talked with KREM News just an hour ago and evidently Caden has
made it through the surgery and is doing okay.

It will take a couple of weeks to determine if the marrow will be
accepted or rejected.

Spokane has a top-notch hospital system, especially for cardiology.
Caden was sent to Seattle because there is a hospital there that
specializes in bone marrow transplants.

HIs mother, Melissa, decribes Caden as being a "very happy baby" in
spite of all the stuff he has been through in his early months in the

Hang in there, Caden! We're pulling for ya' big guy!