While checking in on baby Caden today, I accidentally ran into a blog
post about Tumble Blogs (aka tumblelogs).

I admit that I'm not a person to be up on all the recent trends. But the
tumblelogs form was new to me.

It now seems that traditional blogging is too involved for our Point A to
Point B lifestyles. Tumble blogging provides an even simpler way to post
photographs, quotes, links to videos, etc. As far as I can tell from a few
random examples, tumble blogs seem to be geared toward short posts and they
don't seem to allow any kind of comment feature or any of the other niceties
we've come to expect from the blog format, such as photo albums. It's strictly
"post only."

All of a sudden, it seems, I am now "old school."

In all fairness, and putting away my stupid prejudices for a moment, I
do think that the tumble blog form would be very convenient for mobile
blogging (i.e. moblogging).

Well I'm just on my first cup of coffee and am at Point A, and I haven't even
begun to move toward Point B yet. What the hell is wrong with me? So I guess
I'd better submit and be off.