I was doing some research on a post today and I was looking for a
particular photo. So I did a Google Image search on the keywords "boy in

The results I ended up with I think were more interesting than the post
I was planning. I got all sorts of stuff.

So here are some of the images I ran across in what I'm calling Image
Search Roulette. I should mention that in a lot of cases it is unclear
why a particular image came up. That's part of the adventure.

Image Search Roulette

1. Go to Google Image search.
2. Type in a short search phrase, just anything that comes to mind. You
can get as wild as you want with this.
3. Go through the photos that come up and save the interesting ones to
a folder on your computer.
4. Post the photos on your blog with a brief description.

Search Phrase: "boy in cage"

You just know you would get a photo of actor
Nicholas Cage, shown here with his wife Alice.

Here's one that came up of a book
by William Blake.

Here's a photo of a Serbian boy carrying
his bird cage as he is being evacuated
from his village in 2004.

Here's one of a ferret, from a site called
Dookie's House Ferret Rescue and Shelter.

Here's a drawing posted by a girl on her blog
complaining that her hamster is crazy.
It's a pretty good read.

Here's a drawing on wood by an artist
named Iliana Wilson.

A Marvel comic book about a
hero named Luke Cage.

This is a photo of a dead Palestinian boy
that came up in the search. It was
from a site called Lest We Forget.
The site has the most brutal photos I've
ever seen in my life. Don't go there if
you are squeamish.

In the attempt to recuperate a bit from
that last one, here's a picture that came up
of a nice dachshund. He really looks a lot
like my own dog, Baron.