James McNeill Whistler

Harmony in Pink and Grey:
Portrait of Lady Meux

I ran across the Frick Museum in New York today, as usual while looking
for something almost completely unrelated. So far I've spent a good
couple of hours running through their virtual collection. It's a very nice
small museum — although I guess compared to some museums at least this
would be a large one.

I would guess that most if not all of the Frick collection is available
for viewing at the site. So if you are like me and don't exactly have
the money to fly to New York this weekend and spend five or six
enjoyable hours there, you can do the next best thing by linking on-
line. I would like to thank the trustees of the museum for making this
possible. I have long held the view that great art belongs not to one
person or museum or country, but to all humanity. Evidently, the people
at the Frick seem to have a similar view.

Be sure to check out some of the odd stuff. I found their collection of
mantle and longcase clocks and also their collection of watches to be
really enjoyable. I plan to go back later and check out some of their
textiles and furniture, etc.

One word on navigating the site. There are two options for viewing certain
pieces in the collection – Zoomable image or View detail images. The
later is more convenient if you want to save the image for your own use.
Just thought I would mention that, as it's not exactly the most intuitive
site to get through.

Pierre Norry

Gilt brass clock-watch (1645)