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Warning: This bunny commercial may set off your pacemaker.

Click on the pic if you want to watch it anyway.

Well I'm home after my procedure on Tuesday. I am now the proud owner
of a 2.9 ounce Guidant biventricular pacemaker. I can't wait 'till my
neighbors see it. They're going to be so envious. I myself am very glad
indeed to have it. My thanks to Dr. Goldberg and Margie and everybody
else who were so nice to me and did such a bang-up job with both the
operation and the care I recieved afterward. My thanks also to Dr. Fuhs
for setting the whole thing in motion, and also for being there for me
over the past two years since my diagnosis. I couldn't have gotten better
people, and you can take that to the bank.

I originally thought that I would just plop back down here at the desk
and get back in the swing of things as soon as I got home. But it seems
that I kind of underestimated how much the thing would take out of me.
I'm still very sore, and go on and off of the pain pills. The pain pills
tend to put me into La-La land — and I don't mean Los Angeles. And
there are other adjustments.

Last night I had the first instance of feeling inside my chest of what the
new implant can do. The pacemaker can sense when my heart accelerates
too quickly and then it will fire off a brief electronic burst to slow
it down. Well as it happens I was just lying in bed last night watching
the Traveler's Insurance bunny commercial, laughing like crazy, and the
burst went off in the device due to the the laughing.

Looks like I'll have to limit my bunny commercials from now on.