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Not to be outdone by my own Crab Pirates of the Caribbean, CBS will
be airing its own pirate show this month, Pirate Master. The show
will debut on May 31st at 8:00 EST. I don't know yet if the show will be
piped outside the U.S.

This is one so-called reality show that makes no bones (pun intended!)
about having nothing to do with reality. It's just for fun. I might very
well watch a couple episodes of it. We're entering into summer repeats,
and since I generally hate repeats this at least is something new to watch.

I suppose we can all look forward in the coming months to a lot of jokes
about which cast member has the "best booty." Or perhaps the "biggest
booty." And I'm sure there are other crazy possibilities having to do
with pirate-speak that I haven't even thought of yet.

The timing is obviously meant to take advantage of the release of the
new Pirates of the Caribbean installment. I might very well drag
myself into the theater for that one.

I noticed in the trailers for the new movie that Keira Knightley joins
in with the men for some serious swashbuckling on this one. Her character
certainly did seem to learn how to use a sabre well in a very short period
of time. But that's the movies for ya — Governor's daughter one month,
experienced swashbuckling pirate the next.

I would say that Knightley has a "passable" booty. Not a "great" booty,
just a passable one. If it's great booty ya be lookin fer, ya need to get
Scarlett Johansson on board yer ship. And that's just the way it is, me

Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) with a couple of fine
wenches in
PoC: At World's End.
(That's for you, Isabel)