Cantor's Soft-shelled Turtle

This really concerns a land-based turtle and not a sea-turtle. But all
turtles are equal here at P.M.P.I.

"One of the world’s largest and least studied freshwater turtles has been
found in Cambodia’s Mekong River, raising hopes that the threatened
species can be saved from extinction. Researchers from Conservation
International and other organizations also found a nesting ground for
the species and brought back eggs that have since hatched and been
(Source: Conservation International)

The new-found turtle is a female Cantor's Softshell Turtle (Pelochelys
cantorii), and weighs in at 24 pounds (11 kgs). Several eggs were also
found and were taken to a new location where they could be assured of
hatching safely.

I'm really surprised that there are any land turtles left at all in Cambodia.
Cambodia suffers from a dense land-mine problem as a result of
conflicts there during the 70s. And of course the casualties among
humans is appalling.

But it's good to know that the Cantor's turtle is hanging on.