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Well, as I mentioned in an earlier post CBS is now airing its new reality
show, Pirate Master. So I've been watching it. It isn't as good as
I would have hoped, but it is fun and it kind of grows on you.

In the first episode Joe Don, a firefighter and former member of the
military, was elected Captain of the 179-foot barque Picton Castle.
In Episode 2, Captain Joe Don got a little heavy handed with the crew.
He stood around and had his fill of the best the galley had to offer
while the rest of the crew ate crap. He also managed to pull in some
more loot for himself in the way of the treasure search. When he decided
to throw in $200 worth of gold pieces to each of the crew that so far
hadn't collected any booty, they just felt insulted.

There were a lot of grumblings about Captain Joe Don, but when the
episode ended he still held his position as Captain. In Pirate Master, it
takes a unanimous vote of the crew to lose a captain their post and
throw them overboard. Which of course is difficult, getting everybody to
agree to the mutiny with no dissenting votes.

Nevertheless I wouldn't be surprised if there weren't one successful
mutiny over the course of the 13 episodes — and perhaps even two.

The Black and Red teams go ashore
to hunt for treasure.

But there's also another way a captain can lose their job, and we got a
taste of that in last night's episode (Episode 3). By default, the captain
is always a member of the Black team when they go each episode to hunt for
more treasure. But if the Red team wins the search, the captain loses his
position and the Red team elects the new captain. Which is exactly what
happened last night.

So Captain Joe Don is history — though still a part of the crew. Enter
Captain Azmyth. And it is already apparent that the Picton Castle
will be run quite differently. Captain Azmyth might very well be called
"Captain Feel-Good." After appointing his two officers, he shocked both
of them by calling in all the crew and giving them a bigger cut of the
the booty than they were entitled to. So it's a complete sea-change on

One final note. Captain Azmyth has not yet appointed a bosun. It is
already apparent that the position of bosun offers a contestant a unique
opportunity to play both ends against the middle in all of this — crew
versus Captain and the officers. Captain Joe Don made a mistake perhaps
in appointing Jay as his bosun. What you really want in that job is someone
who is a bit of a whimp — who will do the job but won't be aggressive from
the political end. If I were Captain Azmyth, I would chose Kendra amongst
the current crew.

The show is getting more interesting now. I can hardly wait till next
week's episode. I'll be back here in a few weeks with another update.

Captain Azmyth (right)
and his officers, Jay and Jupiter.