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Sting and The Police will reunite for Live Earth.

The Live Earth group of concerts, which are scheduled for July 7 in
various venues world-wide, were intended to be a focus point for the
issue of global warming. Over one hundred groups have signed on to do
the shows. But the concert has not gone without criticism.

Bob Geldof recently said of the concert:

"I hope they're a success. But why is Gore actually organising them? To
make us aware of the greenhouse effect? Everybody's known about it for
years. We're all fucking conscious of global warming. Live Earth doesn't
have a final goal. I would only organize it if I could go on stage and
announce concrete environmental measures from the American presidential
candidates, Congress or major corporations. They haven't got those
guarantees. So it's just an enormous pop concert or the umpteenth time
that, say, Madonna or Coldplay get up on stage."

I would have to agree with him — in part. Unlike concerts organized to
raise money for famine relief, global warming isn't an issue that you
can fix by throwing money at it (though neither is famine, really). So
how is the money raised by this concert to be spent? One would hardly
think that it would do any good to simply put money into hiring
lobbyists. In the first place, the problem is a global one. And in the
second place I hardly think lobbyists would be able to sway politicians
to any extent about this issue. So Geldof is right in one respect:
global warming is an international problem that needs holistic,
international political solutions.

But I also think that as a consciousness-raising event that it would
have some benefits. Yeah, Geldof is right — we all know about global
warming. But what politicians might not know is how concerned the people
of the world — just ordinary citizens — are about the issue. One thing
about politicians, you can almost always count on them to act in their
own self-interest. And seeing the attention that the broadcast of these
concerts gets may just convince them that they'd better hop on the
bandwagon and pass legislation and deal with the problem or get thrown
out of their jobs.

I hope it does some good. But even if it doesn't it has already had one
good effect — it has gotten Sting and The Police back together for a
reunion tour. And that's at least something.


Wembley Stadium, London, UK

Beastie Boys
Black Eyed Peas
Bloc Party
Corinne Bailey Rae
Damien Rice
David Gray
Duran Duran
Foo Fighters
James Blunt
John Legend
Paolo Nutini
Paul McCartney
Pussycat Dolls
Ray LaMontagne
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Robbie Williams
Snow Patrol
Spinal Tap
Terra Naomi

Giants Stadium, New Jersey, USA

Alicia Keys
Bon Jovi
Dave Matthews Band
Faith Hill
Fall Out Boy
Green Day
John Mayer
Kanye West
Keith Urban
Kelly Clarkson
KT Tunstall
Melissa Etheridge
Robin Thicke
Roger Waters
Sheryl Crow
Smashing Pumpkins
The Police
Tim McGraw

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