A Murano Goblet.

A product of the 800 year-old Venetian glass
industry that emerged out of the Crusades.
Arguably the finest glass in the world.

A Tin Cup.

A product of the industrial age. This baby's
been around the campfire a few times,
I guarantee you.

Hmmm. A tough choice.
The Murano goblet cost $372.00 US.
The tin cup costs, well, maybe about
$2.00 at an Army Surplus store.

You could drink out of the Murano goblet, but it is
so fragile that you'd probably break it. So what you
can do with it is put it in a nice glass case and look
at it and show people how beautiful it is when they
come over to visit.

The tin cup you can take with you on those lonely,
all-night stake-outs to drink your Irish coffee.
You could also take it camping. Try not to run
over it with the RV on your camping trip, or
you'll have to hammer it back into shape
before you use it again.

If you are totally broke, you could use the tin
cup to beg change from people on the sidewalk.
If you use the Murano goblet, you're not likely
to get much in the way of donations, I would think.

On the other hand, you could take the Murano goblet
to a pawn shop and maybe get $40 for it, assuming
they could even appreciate what the hell it was.

Now imagine that your consciousness,
the container of your soul,
is one of these…