Well what could possibly make for a better mild early Summer day than to
have the Attorney General of the United States visit your fair city?

A lot of things, probably. But Gonzales visited anyway. He came to push
his weight around and make sure that the hundreds of dollars that the
Federal government is giving us to fight gang violence was being spent
in a manner consistent with, uh…something or other.

Gonzales sits at a table with Spokane city
and county leaders. Lunch was not served.

A protester shows that he has some "pretty
good Kung Fu" outside the community center.

An old woman was arrested for going beyond the
yellow tape barricade in her wheel-chair and
threatening the Attorney General's life by
beating on a pot with a spoon.

Gonzales denies that he is "one of Bush's gang bangers…"

(Photos courtesy of KREM News Spokane.)