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Christa casts her vote in Pirate Court.

I would definitely NOT vote this girl
off the ship.

Well the end of Episode 3 saw Captain Azimuth in charge of the Picton
. In Episode 4 the Black team and the Red team went after it
again on the treasure hunt, and the Red team came up victorious. As a
result, according to the rules of Pirate Master, a new captain was elected.
They elected Louis, kind of an ordinary joe guy who nevertheless as Captain
Louie made no bones about the fact that he was going to go after Joe Don's
ass for grudges held against him when Joe Don was captain.

Unfortunately, the loot in Episode 4 was on the meagre side — only 5K
in gold to divide up among the crew. What did emerge from the treasure
chest for the first time in the show was a Royal Pardon. The pardon can
be sold to the highest bidder in a closed (secret) bid and can be used
by anyone who has been voted to be cut adrift at the end of the episode.
Not surprisingly, Joe Don ended up with the pardon. But in spite of
Captain Louie's maneuverings Joe Don didn't get voted off and didn't
have to use the pardon.

In Episode 5 the Red team won the treasure search once again and there
was again a change of captain. Azmyth was once again elected, and once
again he held to his rather egalitarian philosophy of letting all the crew
in for some of the gold won in the search.

So things seemed to be going pretty good and the crew was happy. Even
Louie and Joe Don ended their feud against each other. But the black
marks still had to be given out, and one mamber of the crew kicked off.
Sean got the most votes, and unfortunately he hadn't bid enough of his
loot to win the Royal Pardon for the week, so he was cut adrift.

I do have one lingering question with regard to this series. If they keep
cutting one contestant adrift each week, how are they going to have
enough crew left to man the Picton Castle? Because those big girls don't
sail themselves, that's for damn sure.

Captain Azmyth cuts the rope and sets Sean adrift.