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B-25 Mitchell: "Flack Magnet."

In the late 80s my brother-in-law was stationed at Grissom AFB in
Indiana. I went up to visit my sister and him a couple of times while
they were there. And we went into the airbase a few times.

On one of those trips I saw a B-25 Mitchell bomber named "Flack Magnet."
I'm not sure if this is the same aircraft (the photos are from the Grissom
AFB site). Unfortunately, they didn't have any photos of the starboard side
of the aircraft for me to confirm this. But my guess is that it's the same

In any case, I think that it was a pretty ballsy thing to do naming your
plane "Flack Magnet."

But I guess that tempting Fate must have worked — the plane survives

My quickie reserch indicates that there was also a B-17 by the same name.


Primary Function: Bomber
Contractor: North American

5 (pilot, bombadier, tail gunner, waist gunner, and turret
operater), plus bombardier added in J version

Unit Cost: $96,000

Powerplant: Two Wright R-2600-9 fourteen-cylinder radial engines rated
at 1700 h.p. each

Length: 52 ft. 11 in.
Wingspan: 67 ft 7 in
Height: 15 ft. 9 in.

Empty: 22,000 lb
Maximum Takeoff: 28,460 lb

Speed: 275 mph
Ceiling: 25,000 ft
Range: 1,200 miles

Ten .50 caliber machine guns and 3,000 lb of bombs

And now for something not entirely different.

I was watching Impromptu again last night, one of my favorite movies
probably. It struck me watching the movie that Judy Davis has to have
the most seductive eyes anywhere. Add those romantic lips, and my guess is
that people must fall in love with her instantaneously wherever she goes.

She goes to the grocery, and the 20 year-old who helps her out to her
car with the groceries — he's in love with her.

She stops at the bank, and the assistant manager who helps her with her
business — he's in love with her.

She goes to the gym to work out, and the woman who does her jazz-ercise
class — she's in love with her.

Judy must have to wear dark glasses wherever she goes. Because anybody
who looks into those eyes is a goner.

I guess you could say Judy Davis is a Love Magnet.

Judy Davis: "Love Magnet."


Primary function: Actress, wife, mother

Contractor: Australia

In service since: April 23, 1955

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Blue-grey

Height: 5'5"

Weight: Probably not much

Armament: Killer eyes and mouth