With the price of milk climbing now to over $3.00 per
gallon regionally, dairy cows are now seeing a well-
deserved raise. They will now be able to take that
well-deserved vacation to the the Guernsey Islands
they've been dreaming about.

Chickens have benefited from the booming economy also.
With the price of a dozen eggs almost doubling in the
past year, they will now be able to get their coops
remodeled and a nice deck put up out in the yard.

The price of corn has climbed also, and the happy corn
plants are wisely putting their increased income into
the stock market.

And thanks to the high prices being charged for gasoline,
oil company executives and their friends George Bush
and Dick Cheney will now be able to move out of that
cardboard box they've been living in and get a decent
roof over their heads. They will now be able to enroll
their children in school and perhaps even buy a dependable
used car. And if the boom continues, they may even be
able to afford medical insurance.