We was just sittin’ around the barber shop yesterday talkin’ about the
death of Socrates and the meaning of the moral life when somebody, I think
it was Ben, brought up the the subject of the meaning of life in general.
"It seems to me" Wilbur said, "that if you are talking about all Creation,
well then the meaning of it all should be creation and not destruction."
So we all got to that for a while — even Jack, who strangely enough had
woken up from his afternoon nap in one of the chairs — and we decided
that Wilbur did make a pretty good point all things considered. At that
point old Pete got to talkin' again about his favorite topic over the past
few days, sayin' "I sure will be glad when they start rebuildin' the wig
factory." Then, takin' a sip on his Coca-Cola, he added "Yeah, that's really
gonna be somethin'. Somethin' indeed." We all smiled, glad that old Pete
was finally back to himself, and at that point it was gettin' pretty close
to supper hour, and we all went home.

This is the last in this series.