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Stalking as in "hunting," — in this case hunting for photos. Not stalking
as in following someone around in a creepy manner. Although I might very
well stalk Judy Davis in that mamner if I lived in Australia. And if I owned
a car. And had a bunch of money. And maybe a new suit, too. You certainly
don't want to be seen stalking someone in an old, beat-up suit.

Since seeing Impromptu again recently, I've been a little obsessed
with Judy Davis. Adding fuel to the fire I accidentally caught her on
ABC's new Science Fiction Masters series. The show was mediocre but
Davis was very good given what she had to work with, which wasn't much.

So today I started a search to see if I could find any photos of Judy in
her role as the Countess de Noailles in Marie Antoinette. I couldn't
find any good photos of her on the official site. So what I ended up doing
was copping a bunch of various photos anyway of Kirsten Dunst — or as
I like to call her, "Stinky Little Kirsten."

But being the stubborn person that I am at times I kept at it and hit a
good number of other sites, and finally found some shots of Davis in the
movie at Hotflick.net, for which I thank them profusely.

So here's what I found of Davis that I liked and the stuff thrown in
from the movie as a bonus.

Judy Davis as the Countess de Noailles.

Now you see if I were a handsome young gallante
back then, I'd just have to go for this.

Marie-Antoinette tries to figure out just whatever
the hell card game it is they play in France.

Sometimes being the Queen of France really sucks.

Antoinette with her posse of Austrian bitches.

How to keep cool during those long, hot Versailles summers.

What all the best palace dogs are wearing.

And in case Sophia Coppola drops by and sees the photos,
I should mention that you can buy the movie on DVD here.
Which hopefully will cover my ass.