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Nessa and Kendra in Pirate's Court.

Well as I mentioned last time CBS is no longer showing Pirate
on the regular airwaves, but you can still catch it on the
Pirate Master website. And I'm going to continue doing these updates
through to the end. I got behind a couple of weeks, but this should
catch us more or less up.

In Episode #10 Captain Christa was in charge of the Picton
. The remaining members of the crew were then Jay, Ben,
Kendra, Louie, Nessa, and Laurel. By the rules of the show if there is
an uneven number of crew members, the extra member always goes to the
Black team when they go to search for treasure. In past episodes this
really hasn't been a factor inasmuch as there were quite a good number
of people on each team and one more or less didn't really make any
difference. But now that the crew has been reduced to only seven the
extra member becomes significant. In this episode the lots were drawn
and the teams divided, with the Black team being comprised of Captain
Christa, Jay, Ben, and Laurel; the Red team was made up of Kendra,
Nessa, and Louie. Given that Louie and Kendra are rather slow when it
comes to a lot of the physical activity, and that Kendra can't swim very
well, you almost knew what was going to happen in this treasure search
even before it even began.

Compounding the problem was that Episode #10 featured what was perhaps
the most physically daunting hunt of any of the episodes so far. Even
Jay said after the search was over that he felt ten years older. Nessa
tried her best to spur Louie and Kendra on. When the Black team got to
the location of the treasure they found a huge pit of goopy, thick mud.
Digging through the mud in search of the treasure chest turned out to be
tough, and even though the Black team had a substantial lead the Red
team was finally able to make the site and look for the treasure also.
Captain Christa was the first to locate the chest. As soon as she cried
out that she had found the treasure, Louie from the Red team tried to grab
the treasure away from her. Jay came to the rescue, preventing Louie's
theft and pulling the treasure out to win it.

Captain Christa divided the 40K in gold among her team members.
Nevertheless Jay lost no time trying to manipulate her, trying to get in
with her as far as which crew members should be given the black marks.
Christa in spite of this called the crew in one by one and polled them
on the issue, which she had done the previous week. Everyone seemed to
be of the opinion that Kendra should be given a black mark again. Jay
pushed his choice, Nessa, on the grounds that she was a tough competitor
and was therefor a threat. And so Nessa and Kendra found themselves in
Pirate's Court, and when the votes were tallied it was Nessa who was
voted off and cut adrift.

In Episode #11 Jay began secretly talking with Christa about a certain
plan he had in mind. If he ended up on the Red team when the lots were
drawn, he told her that he would be willing to "slow the team down" and
therefor give the advantage to Christa and the Black team. Even
though he wouldn't get any of the treasure, he said, at that point it
was more about power and he wanted to be on the winning side one way or
another. Christa listened to him politely. She didn't exactly agree to
it but she didn't disagree either. Christa is a decent person, and my
own read on it was that she didn't quite like the whole alliance with
Jay that he seemed to be pushing on her. Nevertheless when the lots were
drawn Jay did end up on the Red team and he did leak some important
information to Ben on the Black team about the treasure that allowed the
Black team to win. But the Black team's joy at winning the treasure was
killed entirely when the chest was found to contain nothing but rusty

Christa once again polled the crew to see who would be given the black
marks. Louie told Christa that he would be willing to put himself in the
hot seat and get a black mark himself in order to make sure that Kendra
would be voted off, which everyone was pretty much agreed had to happen.
Christa agreed and Louie and Kendra ended up with the black marks. In
Pirates Court there was a little bit of tension as the mood of the
voting members of the crew swayed a bit, making Louie very nervous. But
no matter. When the votes were counted Louie stayed, and Kendra — after
her sixth time with a black mark and in Pirate's Court, was finally cut

Nothing but nails and bones for the treasure
seekers in Episode #11.