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Well it's been since last October that we here at P.M.P.I. gathered around
the Ouija board to find out the LEAST POPULAR MP3 downloads out there
right now. So here's our new list


Surely gets the award for MOST ANNOYING RINGTONE, though.

  • Carlos Gesulado, "Io Tacero"
  • Yanni, "Almost a Whisper "

Once again I don't understand how that one got on the list. It seems
like anything by Yanni should be among the MOST popular downloads.

  • Anton Webern, "Four Pieces for Violin and Piano"

You can download that one here.

That one'll fry your i-Pod, for damn sure.

Well at that point the little pointer for the Ouija board flew off and
landed in the aquarium, possibly due to unfriendly spirits or perhaps
due to too much alcohol on the part of the researchers. Or maybe both.
So we could only come up with four songs. Maybe we'll do better next time.