2nd Avenue out in front of my apartment building.

A few days ago they started some construction in my neighborhood. They
are repaving the streets, so they put up barricades that prevent parking.
There are also big piles of dirt all over the place, curbs have been torn
out, and other barriers have been put up here and there. There is thru-
traffic allowed during the evening, but with all the signs etc. drivers
are generally avoiding the area.

All of which now makes my street nice and quiet during the evenings. Very
few cars or trucks, and even the pedestrian traffic seems to have diminished
somewhat. To top it all off the weather has been just so great the last few
days — nice and cool.

A peaceful street and great weather — me and my dog Baron have had a good
time walking the neighborhood.

The construction is supposed to last "a couple of months," which translated
into Spokane City-speak means whenever they get around to finishing it. As
far as I'm concerned, they can take as long as they want.

"To the person owning the big yellow back-hoe
parked in front of my apartment building — you left
your lights on."