Well I seem to be running out of photos to post and things to mention
with regard to my imaginary relationship with actress Judy Davis. And
I really would hate to see this wonderful obsession come to an end. So
today I decided to look up Judy's birth chart, just to see what the stars
had to say about it all.

Birthday: 23 April, 1955

Sun — Taurus
Moon — Taurus
Mercury — Taurus (conjunct with her Sun)
Venus — Pisces
Mars — Gemini

Those are just the "personal" planets. The generational planets I will

So, based on Judy's chart, would me and Judy hit it off?

Probably not. Which breaks my heart. But as someone once said, "The
stars impel, they do not compel." So the way I choose to look at it —
to hell with the stars.

Besides, as soon as I get my magic lamp to working, everything will be